Dorothy Yang holds a BFA from NSCAD University and a Costume Studies Diploma from Dalhousie University.
She has over 8 years experience as a tailor's assistant- preparing clothing for alterations and performing fittings- and specialized knowledge in bra and corset fitting.
She is the sole proprietor of Custom Curves, a lingerie retail store based in Dartmouth, NS. Founded in January 2012, Custom Curves began as a retail supplier of corsets and related accessories at local and niche market events. Fed up with the limited size ranges and selection of mass market lingerie stores, Yang opened Custom Curves' retail location in February 2015 and provides bra and corset fittings as well as lingerie, sports bras, swimwear and shapewear in extended sizes.
Yang resides in Dartmouth with her husband and cats and enjoys drawing, movies, knitting and travel.


Cutopia began as the brand name for unique fashion and accessories created by its sole proprietor, Dorothy Yang. It had its craft show debut in Works of the Weird- Alternative Arts and Crafts, Halifax, 2010 and is known for its unique and sassy aprons, one-of-a-kind streetwear, and baked goods.

The name (CUTE-topia) describes the enjoyment of all things cute and the love of pursuing things that give you joy- an UTOPIA of CUTE (however, the alternative pronounciation "CUT-opia" sounds totally awesome and metal).

'Dotworks' was a previously used brand name/moniker which described all of Yang's artistic and professional pursuits, basically: Dot works.


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