by Dorothy Yang

This is a pseudo-manga about modern day ninjas.
Genre: Action / Drama / Romance.

Contains mature and/or disturbing subject matter. Contains profanity, nudity and scenes of violence. The content is therefore NSFW (not safe for work).
I have been told that the story is depressing.

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Last Update: March 29, 2017

Chapter 1: After the Funeral Chapter 2: Recreation Chapter 3: Violent Lies Chapter 4: Histories Chapter 5: Thief
Chapter 6: Deviants Chapter 7: Save Yourself Chapter 8: Schadenfreude Chapter 9: Trust in Injustice Chapter 10: Mahala
Chapter 11: Villain Chapter 12: Fear/Love Chapter 13: Coup Chapter 0: Ascent Chapter 14: Descent
Chapter 15: Coup Chapter 16: Legacy

From the Artist

Violent Lives is my first full length comic story. I began drawing it on January 18, 2014 at the rate of one page a day as a self improvement exercise / creative outlet.
That rate has significantly dropped. I originally planned for 365 pages and 14 chapters but now I am estimating it will reach 400-odd pages and up to 18 chapters.

Drawn on sketchpaper with mechanical/HB pencil + prismacolor ink marker, lettered in MSPaint. Has the look of a storyboard. I am not a professional.
I did not do any research into proper comic formatting/lettering prior to starting, I just winged it.
There are a LOT of amateur mistakes that I made and continue to make. Thanks for reading it anyway!

This is a work of fiction and set in a fictional universe. Any relation or likeness to persons living or dead or existing places is coincendental.

Please email any feedback.

Bonus Material

Extra Art

Tower A short comic drawn in 2013 for practice.

A Violent Lives Christmas Special (spoilers)
Hell and Richard Pin-up. / Dead Men Don't Abuse Women. (Em) / All the different ways to say Bitch / True Romance
Character Collage for VL's 2-year Anniversary